Pennsylvania: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf has announced a stay at home order until May 8, 2020, because of the further extension orders issued post-April 30, 2020. Moreover, the construction activities will resume from May 1, 2020, while only in-person operations are allowed to get exempt.

Considering the need to contain COVID-19 in the state, Governor Wolf has issued another executive order on July 15, 2020, under which the state will continue to be in state of emergency. Beside this, the orders also have provisions and guidelines related to transportation, routes, events, and gatherings.

October 2020 Update: The state of Pennsylvania has allowed continuation of construction projects but with limiting labor capacity and strict adherence to safety guidelines. The state is still under the governor’s order for 90 day disaster declaration.

Governing Body:The Office Of Governor Tom Wolf

FAQs: Pennsylvania Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

The industry operation guidance and stay at home orders have strictly prohibited any kind of residential or commercial construction, except the emergency repairs. Moreover, any activities that involve specialty contractors such as equipment contractors, building exterior contractors, etc. are not permitted.
The building material suppliers and dealers are permitted to work.
Yes, considering the extent of damage COVID-19 has made to construction industry, the state has released complete guidance to operate the construction business during emergency. The guidance contains necessary recommendations for all type of construction operate construction business during an emergency. The guidance contains necessary recommendations for all types of construction activities.
To keep construction open in the state of Pennsylvania, the authorities have already issued certain guidelines on conducting construction activities. However, it also needs both employers and workers to stick with social safety practices such as maintaining physical distance, wearing protective equipment, and sticking to all the rules related to hygiene.

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