Missouri: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

Brough to effect on April 6, the stay at home orders have been implemented across the state, until May 3. However, any construction work which is related to safety, public health, safety, energy, and relief efforts are exempt. Additionally, the construction at the Kansas City International Airport is still under process.

Before the state orders, city and county wise orders were also released, and therefore, any local order that supersedes state order needs to be checked and confirmed.

To aid the recovery phase and help lessen the threat of COVID-19, Governor Parson has issued an executive order on June 11, 2020.

Governing Body: The Office Of Governor Michaell. Parso

FAQs: Missouri Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Citing CISA Memorandum 2.0, construction has been considered essential. Also, the workers who are designated to perform housing construction are permitted to work and combat the housing supply shortage.
The workforce who supports supply chain related to building material and critical infrastructure is exempted. Also, workers who support the manufacturing and distribution of forest products such as timber, wood, paper, etc. are permitted to work.More information could be found by visiting www.labor.mo.gov
Yes, there are many updates released to aid construction ensuring safety at the site and safely returning to work. These include the CDC guidelines for the essential or critical infrastructure workers as well as reopening guidance which employers need to follow.
No, there are no specific Jobsite rules and protocols. However, it is completely on the contractor or construction manager’s end to ensure the site is safe for the workers. This includes aligning with CDC and OSHA guidelines for social distancing and preparing sites.

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