Massachusetts: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

With the rising of confirmed cases to 55000 in the state, the authorities have declared statewide emergency orders until May 4, 2020. Though construction is deemed as essential, the cities of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville have suspended construction completely for a temporary amount of time.

The Baker-Politon administration has announced phase 3 of reopening on July 6, 2020, while the department of public health has actively announced guidelines to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 before the state moves to phase 4 of reopening.

October 2020 Update: Though the restrictions regarding construction shutdown in the state were lifted during the end of May 2020, the state allowed construction while sticking to the strict safety regulations. However, the government is planning to pull back everything to track with the resuming of construction activities related to bridgework, roads, and pavements.

Governing Body:Office of Governor Charlie Baker

FAQs: Massachusetts Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the emergency orders in the state, construction work, or the workforce that is considered essential are given an exemption. But still, most of the restrictions have been issued from the Boston region under which essential road construction, utility buildings, public health facilities, shelters, transportation, and other necessary residential work is permitted.

Moreover, anything which is related to emergency services like roads, hospitals, gas or water leaks, and maintenance is kept into essential category.
Commercial building material suppliers who deal with hardware and other necessary material for home improvement are listed as essential.
With the orders of authorities in Boston to precede construction work for residential buildings, it seems that construction is an essential component that exempts construction subcontractors and vendors to operate during an emergency.For more information, read the guidance issued by Boston authorities.
Yes, the state is all prepared to resume construction amid COVID-19 with a safety response plan. These include best practices based on current circumstances and information. However, the information may vary depending on updates by Federal Health Agencies and future circumstances.
Yes, the state has issued strict Jobsite rules and protocols for construction firms and contractors which are a mandate for all. These include social distancing practices, hygiene protocols, staffing, and operations guide, and all other necessary information that can help ensure safety at the site.

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