Arizona: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

The authorities in Arizona had a very strict take on the COVID-19. For this reason, a shelter-in-place order was brought into effect on March 31, 2020.

Also, the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” order were extended till April 30 as per the orders of the Governor of Arizona, although many businesses were listed essential and exempted from the order, including construction.

However, following the agenda of phased opening in the state, the recent executive orders from May 4 have lifted restrictions on restaurants, cosmetologists, and barber shops providing a greater sense of relief but still under the practice of social distancing rules.

Even though construction has been an exemption till date, considering the rising number of cases in the state, Governor Ducey in his recent executive order on June 29, 2020 has announced several restrictions on public gatherings and operations to control the spread.

Governing Body: Office of the Governor Doug Ducey

FAQs: Arizona Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even though the effects of COVID-19 are visible across the state of Arizona, Governor Ducey has released orders in which construction has been listed as an essential business.

The exemption in response to COVID-19 is not exclusive to construction, as it is also includes healthcare facilities, housing, long term care facilities, and housing or other essential infrastructure.

The exemption also includes services which are necessary for construction and building such as electricians, plumbers, safety, sanitation, etc. which are all permitted to function.
The orders passed by the Governor of Arizona have stated building material and hardware supply as an essential. The suppliers who are dealing with construction material, plumbing service, heating, or electrical are permitted too continue to do business.
As per the orders of the Government, all construction sites which are deemed to be essential must ensure that sites are prepared well for the safety of workers. This should include a six-foot social distancing rule at the site, sanitation facilities, safety equipment, and gear, maintaining distance during lunch breaks, and preventing any sources of contact between the staff. Apart from this, employers must adhere to CDC guidelines issued in the interest of employers.
The State of Arizona has deemed construction as an essential service. But still, aligning with the safety guidelines and construction site preparation rules will be a mandate for all contractors to prepare the site. This will ensure the safety of the workers and to avoid spread of illness.
Yes, COVID-19 restrictions have encouraged, and in many cases, enforced remote working. A memo issued from the White House has supported Telework for US military contracting officers working on public contracts for the government.

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