Alaska: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential
Orders/Effective From: Phased Opening/May 22, 2020

With the sudden rise of infection in the United States, the state authorities on April 4, 2020, had an immediate take on the situation in Alaska. Initially, it was announced that all construction except the critical infrastructure will be discontinued along with a Statewide Stay at Home Order in effect.

However, the critical infrastructure activities included housing work, public works construction, water supply, and activities associated with electrical, gas operations, and sewer.

But the updated information as on April 14, 2020, deemed construction as an essential activity. After that, the recent orders on phased opening have been introduced by the Governor Dunleavy effective from May 22, 2020.

Governing Body: Statewide Stay at Home Order

Questions about Construction during COVID-19?

Though COVID-19 has severely affected the United States, bringing a lot of restrictions and orders on continuing construction, the most significant information people seek is all about the status of construction in different states.With our construction scheduling software, we have served so many construction firms over the years. Using all the information and resources from the past and present updates on COVID-19, we have crafted a list of Frequently Asked Questions that can be of huge help for construction firms in taking the business forward.If there is anything we have not included or missed, please reach our team.

FAQ: Status of Construction

The orders issued by the authorities have specifically marked commercial construction or Public works construction as essential. However, it will be necessary to comply with all the rules and guidelines related to safety and cleaning at the site.

However, the statewide orders have also confirmed that residential construction can be considered as an essential infrastructure activity.

Apart from this, the safety guidelines have also provisioned that employees or workers who need to travel across or within the state need to submit a safety protocol as a matter of public concern.
Anchorage orders have been issued for the hardware stores which states that businesses that are permitted to open must align with the safety guidelines and social distancing rules.
Though no specific job site rules or protocols are issued by the Government, construction firms need to have strategies in place to keep the workers protected. For small builders or contractors, there are certain common safe working guidelinesthat can be followed. Moreover, the builder’s risk guidelines could be followed to plan a better counter-strategy against COVID-19 while continuing work at the job site.
The outbreak of COVID-19 is likely to bring valid and invalid claims at the front. However, construction firms which are having a systematic approach for data management and accounting such as project management construction software will be able to present their expenses in a documented manner. Whether it is related to the money spent on payroll or the purchase of equipment, the records will play a crucial role in preventing loss due to delays. Keep your data organized and updated to save yourself against liabilities during COVID-19 with ProjectPro. Schedule a demo today!
Yes,construction firms who seek for the guidelines or regulations to keep with Cash Flow must align with the compliances that meet the economic reforms issued by the Federal Government. For instance, the CARES Act has been enrolled to protect construction firms from penalizing against any unwanted expenses or loss of liquidity.
The State of Alaska has deemed construction to be an essential service. However, a major focus needs to be kept on the safety checks and health guidelines. For instance, large construction sites can plan for screening stations at the sites while working on social distancing practices and sanitation.
The application of Force Majeure provisions to the contract entirely depends on the terms of the contract and Government policies on reforms that can help with reimbursements. Therefore, it is suggested to have a proper accounting solution like Dynamics accounting software which can contain all the data related to inventory, purchases, project progress, and expenses made to improve safety at the site against COVID-19.

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