Introducing ProjectPro Partner Program: Your Construction Accounting Journey Begins Here

Partner program

The ability to work remotely and access critical business information at any time, from anywhere is imperative today. It is common to grapple with increasingly complex construction projects, contractors have to embrace technology to stay ahead.

The evolution of construction practices has prompted numerous construction firms to reassess their operational strategies, heightening the demand for construction technology. A robust collaboration will aid construction companies in effectively addressing the challenges posed by these transformations. 

To thrive in this competitive construction industry, incumbents will need to build and leverage on partnerships that provide fully integrated solutions to the users. Today the construction industry is in a perfect storm and construction players need to join a network that can develop strategies and catapult them to success. 

You may have discovered that your current ERP solution or your generic software can’t keep up with the changing demands and requirements of your company. It is time to accelerate your digital transformation by embracing construction-specific software and seeking out a construction partner like ProjectPro powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

When it comes down to making the move to cloud-based software in order to eliminate business disruptions, opting for a construction partner program can prepare you.

For those enrolled in our  ProjectPro Partner Program, we ensure that your construction accounting journey will be simple and we work day and night to amplify your partnerships with an emphasis on improved profits. With our unique partner program and solutions, we help you win deals and assist you in making smart decisions.

Designed to automate the construction operations, the ProjectPro Partner Program gives you an edge in a highly competitive construction landscape where margins are razor-thin.

Getting started with a strong construction foundation is key to making your business future-proof and better equipped to deal with uncertainties prevailing in the construction ecosystem.  

And with the support from ProjectPro as your business partner, nothing can stand in your way of achieving business continuity and accelerated growth in revenue in the times to come.

Below are five benefits from the ProjectPro Partner Program: 

1. Robust Construction Accounting Capabilities

There’s no surprise that one of the top reasons, if not the most relevant, for moving to cloud-based construction software is the ability to streamline your construction business so that you can scale your business. ProjectPro with Business Central empowers you to strengthen business control. As a partner, you get free training and support as you enroll in the partner program. To ensure business continuity, we even provide you with  Service & AppSource Support and implementation services as well.

 2. Flexibility

Keeping up with the changing demands of your construction business can seem daunting at times. But relying on an on-premise solution or a one-size-fits-all software to balance those changes isn’t sustainable for future endeavors. ProjectPro as a construction partner makes it easy. By providing extension development, ISV Marketing, and Software Upgrades & Migration Support, you can tailor your requirements to meet your exact needs as you grow as a business. A construction partner like ProjectPro, your project management, construction accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM ) are easily taken care of.

3. Security

One of the top reasons why contractors are hesitant to move to the cloud-based system is the fear of insufficient data security. However with the support of our software ProjectPro backed by Microsoft, your data is protected in our robust software system.

4. New Construction Opportunities

The ProjectPro Partner Program enables better control, uniformity and is the right step towards business continuity in a way that helps you save time and money. This program automates the construction accounting operations from job costing to subcontractor management, creating fewer disruptions and saves time as you transition along the digital journey. We will also help you uncover untapped construction opportunities and grow your business sales with ProjectPro.

5. Improved Profits

On-premise systems are usually considered more expensive and can make it harder for you to scale. With ProjectPro, we help our partners in reducing training and project costs, as well as avoiding unnecessary business disruptions—all with a cost-effective all-in-one construction software that scales with your business. ProjectPro with industry-leading Dynamics 365 Business technology,  will assist in growing your customer services and increase your business revenue and profitability.


We’re here to support you in your construction journey and help you at all stages with your projects. With ProjectPro you can take your business to the next level and expand your business offerings. 

Let’s take the next step to serve your clientele with an improved range of solutions. We are ready to meet all your construction requirements and to help you improve your clients' bottom line right away.

With 20 years of construction proficiency, get ready to add value to your business with ProjectPro. You can make the most of the construction capabilities of our award-winning construction software and bank on the rich experience of the Microsoft Gold Partner firm. Together we can seal a high-level partnership to support the ongoing growth of your company.

The ProjectPro Partner Program is your next step toward digital transformation, optimizing your ability to streamline your construction business while controlling costs for the foreseeable future. Our team of global experts can support small to big businesses. We are ready to assist you to meet your business needs and objectives. 

Get in touch with construction experts by enrolling on our ProjectPro Partner today and learn how easily you can strengthen your construction business. 

Schedule a demo to know more about how to align your billings, taxes, payroll & invoices, and how easily we can deliver your construction requirements.  Call us at +1 647 696 4534 and allow us to partner with you in whatever stage of your construction journey you need assistance with.

We look forward to working with you and discussing partnership opportunities with you soon.