How ProjectPro Has Helped Customers Have An Extra Edge During COVID-19


Extended Customer Support On ProjectPro During The Crisis

The spread of COVID-19 has turned to be a major setback for the construction industry. Especially when it comes to increased project spans, labor shortage, and massive cost overruns, the contractors have gone through major transitions, temporary deferments, or complete suspensions.

This has prompted the construction companies to evaluate and define their needs as the situation has worsened with the spread of the pandemic. With current circumstances, construction companies are either struggling to return to the site, while those who have returned or never moved from site struggle to keep up with the safety guidelines.

Meanwhile, contractors and project managers have a growing need for construction management software to keep up with tasks that require extensive documenting. The unsettling loss to construction projects demand technology that can improve the process to retain workflow while securing profits.

Considering the changing needs of contractors, ProjectPro with the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central and our COVID-19 resources for construction industry brings everything required for communication, documenting, and management across office and site teams. Here we have a few quick examples of how ProjectPro has helped their customers navigate through the pandemic while taking a competitive advantage over others.

Real-time Documentation

The primary reason why our customers rely heavily on ProjectPro as a construction management software is the advantage, they have with their record-keeping process. From routine inspections at the site to the project progress reports, ProjectPro has added value to the entire documentation process. The ease that it brings with logging of job labor has made it simple to accurately track labor hours assigned to a particular task.

Since ProjectPro is based on easy to use and understandable Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, our clients were able to take more adaptive control over the routine inspections for tools and equipment used at the site.

Overall, ProjectPro has not only helped contractors to keep control over health activities but streamlined the entire project journey during COVID-19 in areas where construction was deemed as an essential practice. From inspections to tracking changes, ProjectPro was capable enough to record all information related to jobs, change orders, schedules, and finances.

Ease of Communication

Another reason that makes ProjectPro essential for construction project management software is the ease of communication it brings to the business. Our customers have reported that ProjectPro, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has helped to upkeep all the necessary project information. From the storage of data to easy sharing with site teams and clients, ProjectPro made it much easier to continue with progress.

From the monitoring of the schedules to the payments and contract management, ProjectPro helped to keep visibility of the project for contractors without even visiting the site. The software capabilities of ProjectPro have all worked as a window to control and manage all the activities even for those firms working on multiple projects at the same time.

Throughout the development of the project, ProjectPro assisted project managers, site supervisors, and site teams to coordinate better with quick access to project critical data. These include project schedule, safety checklist, job labor data, vendor data, material and equipment records, etc.

The Crux

The most significant challenge that contractors had to face with COVID-19 was to continue their construction projects without any access to the site and with limited resources. ProjectPro’s extended customer support and features have helped customers have detailed insights into their construction projects.  It made it easier to plan alternate shifts of the workers when the working capacity at the site was reduced to ensure social distancing.

Also, the project management and material resource planning features allowed visibility and control over contracts sustaining the workflow. With timely purchase order processing and precise material planning, ProjectPro allowed contractors to have fully-integrated construction management.

Even though the current situation is challenging for most contractors, team ProjectPro has kept a consistent watch over the changing requirements of the industry, especially when it comes to our customers. Since the primary concerns of contractors were related to documentation, contract management, and communication, ProjectPro worked to create comprehensive project management support for their customers.

Whether it was improved coordination between the site and office teams, payroll reporting, progress billings, and more, ProjectPro has proven its capability to manage projects from start to finish.

If you are a contractor who specializes in any vertical of the construction industry, we can help you take control over your projects for improved and sustained revenue during these times of pandemic.

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