How do Mining Contractors use Project Management Software?


If you’re a mining contractor working in different locations, you need the space to concentrate on getting the job done efficiently to create quick estimates for customers. Forget about managing tons of paperwork or keeping track of everything your clients need in the form of notes. You can benefit from advanced software that provides project management solutions for mining contractors to handle the administrative aspects while focusing on your expertise.

Importance of Using Innovative Software for your Mining Business

An all-in-one construction accounting software is a crucial aspect of any contractor business. ProjectPro has transformed the mining industry like never before. This software can become more competitive against others who don’t use such practical tools.

Use ProjectPro as your business management tool to combine everything into one cloud software system. Cloud-based software does not need you to pack with numerous programs. Moreover, computer-based programs depend on a user to come back to a computer to use them. Cloud-based software allows users to access the program anywhere through the web.

Key Metrics that Mining Contractors Should Keep in Mind When Using ProjectPro

The mining industry has unique project management requirements to stay consistent. These metrics are deals you should be able to access while working in locations, whether providing services or pitching your client.

ProjectPro enables miners to access all the information they need about a client at their fingertips without holding handwritten notes or recognizing their requirements. By understanding what a customer needs before arriving, the contractor can quickly discover a solution to fit the client's needs, improving client satisfaction and helping to retain existing customers.

The following are metric standards mining contractor may want to monitor:

Retention & Attrition

These two aspects play a key role for measuring the number of deals you have closed so far and sustain your clients. Having the same clients for years helps mining owners with reduced customer acquisition cost. This is why maximizing your retention should be your priority. 

Customer Acquisition Cost

Have you ever calculated how much you spend on pitching a new client? It is generally the amount you invest on sales and marketing of your mining business divided by the total number of clients you have. The lower this value, the more time you have to entice new clients.

Referral Rates

Same as retention, referrals come from your current clients. A referral is when an existing customer appreciates your service adequately to advertise you to their family, friends, and colleagues. By enhancing customer service, referral rates can rise.

Return on Investment

Keeping track of basic accounting and projects efficiently helps to track ROI for your mining business smartly. Whether basic accounting or depreciation, ProjectPro can help miners to keep easy track of their administrative tasks.

Product Metabolism

Product metabolism generally defines how much money, time, and labor the business invests into boosting and selling new products. 

Several ways to measure product metabolism possess money spent on the product and how fast solutions occur. Work orders and decisions about that product play roles in computing product metabolism.

Major Problems of Managing Addressing these Metrics

Those who do not have appropriate solutions cannot prevent these metrics when they need them. Even portable access may surrender to a common mistake in using smart technologies and not adequately keeping the data updated. This lack of data integration indicates the metrics provided are not valid. In some cases, customization to a mining contractor's specific needs is impossible.

There is a more suitable solution than providing unideal project management software to your business requirements or depending too much on paper-based solutions. You can find a proportion in the software that has the best features for your mining business. 

Learn More About ProjectPro

ProjectPro provides project management tools designed especially for contractors. Our easy-to-learn solutions for handling client information in several locations ensure optimal organization. This software gives contractors the ability to focus more on generating estimates and accomplishing tasks efficiently. 

To find out more about how ProjectPro can improve your mining business operations, schedule a demo.