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Discussing the Changing Construction Technology Trends with Nidal Khoury, CEO & VP

Even though the present situation of the construction industry seems to be much better in contrast to how it turned during the peak of the pandemic, construction firms and companies are still struggling hard to sustain their projects. However, the only way to resist the downtime and ensure longevity is planning for the business resilience.

Nevertheless, it is only the expert’s eye that can help watch the present circumstances and find the path to growth and stability. Therefore, we bring you another interesting chapter of Influencer Insights where our expert will help you have a quick check on the present situation, the impact and adoption of technology, and of course, defining the path to sustainability.

Q & A with Nidal Khoury

Who did we interview?

Nidal Khoury, CEO of a Workflow & BIM Technology Service Provider Firm and Vice President of NSCC International. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Nidal is on his mission to use all his construction technology knowledge to create dynamic custom platforms taking construction companies closer to the Digital Age of construction.

Let Us Quickly Get To Our Expert’s Point Of View.

Question 1: What projects/initiatives are you working on at the moment?

I am part of 2 organizations. NSCC is a 53-year-old specialist contractor, I am a regional VP - outside of the 35-40 projects we handle every year, we are now looking at multi-regional expansion, primarily is in Saudi Arabia.

The UAE is our home market, it’s been impacted by COVID, but it’s resilient - we expect a return to “normal” within 12 months, what the new normal looks like is a big question. NSCC has undertaken a series of digital transformation initiatives, some in a construction-centric ERP, as well as implementing a Collaborative Work Management platform. - this was done under a separate business entity that I lead. I am also involved in ConTech, focused on construction, this a new venture that I have found very rewarding.

Question 2: According to you, what Construction Technology and Management Trends could make maximum impact on the Industry in 2021? How Technology Will Enable Construction Continuity in 2021?

Construction needs to be more geared to operate in assembly line mode - difficult but it’s a trend that’s catching fire and will continue to do so. That’s more technique orientated for now.

Question 3: What potential do you see in construction technology for leveraging overall business productivity with construction projects, especially when we talk about recovery and growth after the pandemic?

We need all-in-one solutions that are designed to meet the needs of present and futuristic construction, not shoehorned to fit construction. Listen, I can also state with confidence that ERP solutions aren’t the only answer, even when they are tailored to the industry, either native or with much work, they simply don’t achieve enough of what a Construction company needs.

But this is not just about Construction - this is about all verticals who are seeking more than ERP’s offer. We have so much other to do than just resource planning, like project management, CRM, and of course design essentials like BIM.

Question 4: Do you believe COVID-19 has turned to be the Catalyst for Digital Adoption? Do you think the trend will sustain once the pandemic ends?

To a certain degree, COVID-19 has made lots of people realize that remote works for some portions of Construction. However, there’s no escaping the hard hats on-site, management, engineering, and the tradesmen on whose hands the industry is built, the con has woken up more than others and the future can be brighter, but we as an industry need to make it count.

I just want remote technology or any other digital adoption to be an asset that adds value to the industry and business, and not just something which is practiced as a trend.

More About Nidal Khoury

Nidal is an expert who had his basic and advanced academics completed from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and IESE Business School. With a piercer vision and analytic grip on the construction, Nidal has spent good 28 years of his life building massive expertise on leading construction operations and using hybrid technology forproductivity.

He is presently the CEO of a construction technology firm and is the Vice President of NSCC International Limited.