All-In-One Construction Accounting Software

Implemented A Centralized Construction Accounting Solution For A Commercial And Industrial Insulation Service Provider

Established in 1986, Griffin Insulation is a family owned industry insulation service provider in New York. Griffin Insulation were looking for a solution that could help them with their accounting and management system to ensure better control with the costs.

With this objective, Griffin Insulation reached ProjectPro and asked us to help improve their cash flow management process through advanced accounting capabilities. Team ProjectPro helped them by implementing advanced job costing, progress billing, and retention module streamlining their finance and accounting related management needs.

We delivered them a cloud-based solution designed to serve both their offices located in Rochester and Syracuse allowing them to expand their operational reach improving control on small service projects to large sized mechanical insulation projects.

This case study will help you understand how ProjectPro helped Griffin Insulation to have the advantage of improved accounting management features in their business. The key highlights include: