Key Highlights from the Grand 24th LCI Congress 2022 Event

24th LCI Congress 2022 Event-Key Highlights

The premier 24th LCI Congress 2022 event has ended on an exciting note. The event lasted for four long days in Louisiana. This event was focused on helping construction professionals gain new ideas and perspectives to enrich their work and drive their lean practice forward. 

This year, more than 1000 industry leaders attended the event in an effort to reconnect while sharing experiences and successes. They explored several construction opportunities and continued with education credits, engaged in cutting-edge lean methods, and networked with their peers and lean leaders.

Let’s dive into the blog to understand the key topics of the event:

1. Nicholas Ambrosino, P.E., CM-BIM, VDC Manager in Daniel O'Connell's Sons

Nicholas Ambrosino is a highly experienced construction manager and general contractor based in Southern New England. With over 14+ years in the construction industry, he has worked on various projects, including building, transportation, and wastewater. He emphasized various aspects related to organizations and how one can empower people to solve these smartly.

2. Matt Bleakley, Vice President in Whiting-Turner Contracting Co

Matt has 21 years of experience in construction, building, and leading successful teams on large and small construction projects. It was the first time that Matt attended this event as a speaker. He talked about the logistical challenges construction companies face and effective ways to overcome them. 

3. Dana Brumley, Senior Project Manager in SSOE Group

Dana is a dedicated professional with 25 years of experience in engineering, design, and consulting. She has served as project manager, design manager, and engineering design lead, from concept to construction completion of many projects.

In her session, she discussed the adoption of lean principles in design that help professionals stay one step ahead of competitors.

4. Katherine Copeland, Director, Target Value Delivery in Merck & Company

As Director of Target Value Delivery, Katherine is a part of a team focused on accelerating lean growth within our capital projects. At the event, she discussed how construction companies could stay within the allowable budget and ensure the team’s innovation. Her session was focused on helping construction companies increase their value and efficiency.

Undoubtedly, this year's event was bigger than ever, and ProjectPro covered it for you. We hope these key takeaways from the event may help you understand the ongoing digital technologies in the industry and stay connected to your industry.