Key Highlights from the IT Conference 2022 for Construction Professionals

IT Conference 2022 for Construction Professionals- Key Highlights

In partnership with Oracle, AGC organized IT Conference 2022 for construction professionals across the globe. This event emphasized the future of information technology and engaged professionals from the industry to dialogue about the key technological challenges.

In the fast-paced world of construction IT, you can never afford to stop learning. This event invited forces with industry innovators to offer excellent solutions and keep the professionals up-to-date.

With the introduction of new technologies, one should be aware of new terms, conditions, and risks. Pricing has become complex, too. However, there are opportunities to negotiate a balanced and fair agreement with the vendors in this competitive landscape.

Let’s dive into the top industry speakers and their discussions at the events:

1. Christian Burger, President of Burger Consulting Group

Christian Burger explained the Bootcamp related to the executive level and license agreements in today’s environment. This session was all about negotiating the best deal for cloud and SaaS products for construction professionals. 

2. Dustin Burns, Vice President, IT, Mccowngordon Construction

Dustin shed some light on growing your construction careers in this high-tech environment. This session was more about upgrading leadership skills by emphasizing more on tools and techniques to analyze your current state and chart your path to success.

3. Matt Lamb, Chief Information Officer, Rosendin

Matt shared some insights that more than half of IT projects fail, and there are added challenges to making a project successful in construction. In this session, he covered different elements of what makes an IT project successful and how to engage with your business to ensure both IT and operations are happy and prosperous.

4. Jack Hineman, Vice President Of Business Intelligence, Gaylor Electric

This session was focused on leveraging analytics to find the stories in data to empower teams with the truth and remove emotion from the decision-making process. There are several stories collected for construction professionals to help them overcome unique challenges.

5. Ariel Castillo, Strategic Process & Vdc Specialist, Miller-Davis Company

This session was to help construction professionals to become an innovator in the least digitized industry. It will help construction experts engage, attract, and improve relationships with your existing team.

This event was about efficiently reshaping the construction IT sector and staying consistent in the market. ProjectPro covered the event and brought great insights to our audience.