Key Highlights from the Prominent Event Hosted By Construction Management Association of America

Event Hosted by CMAA - Key Highlights

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) is a renowned industry association committed to the approach of professional construction management.

It represents more than 16,000 members, including state/federal/ local government and construction consultants, private sector owners, technology suppliers, academia, and legal organizations, working towards one goal: to improve the nation's infrastructure.

It is one of the best platforms for construction professionals that was designed to streamline your construction projects tactfully and achieve success.

ProjectPro was able to cover this digital event and top industry speakers who shared their valuable opinion.  In this blog, we’ll be listing keynotes of the leading speakers to bring the latest trends in the industry into the limelight.

The primary objective of these virtual events is to help construction professionals with:

  • Simplified workflows and streamlined construction processes

  • Mitigating construction risks seamlessly

  • Adopting smart construction technologies 

  • Managing job expenses

Here are the highlights of the key sessions from the overall event by the most experienced speakers:

1) Bruce P. Risley, RA, CCM, RA, CCM

He’s the chair, ethical practices committee senior VP in Arcadis who added his valuable points while exploring ethical issues in the construction projects. His discussion was primarily for the newbies in the industry to ensure they follow ethical practices, achieve professional excellence, understand the responsibility to the public, and follow the client-centred practice.

2) Michael Jansen

He is the Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer in Cityzenith, emphasized digital twins' latest construction technology. He shared his success story with the digital twin. Among others, one of the popular digital technology, the digital twin, has been growing exponentially. His success story will help other professionals to make the most out of these technologies and stay consistent in the market.

3) Andrew D. Mendelson

He is the Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Management Officer Berkley Construction Professional. As we know that construction is a risky business, particularly in today’s environment. In this session, he reviewed the top 5 strategies that construction managers can utilize to avoid and mitigate risk on their construction projects.

He discussed the process for construction managers to design company policies, procedures, and protocols to promote quality control and financial success.

4) Charlie Kimmel

He is the CEO-President in Kimmel & Associates that offered an "ear to the ground" perspective based on their clients' feedback on how to avoid the war for talent. He discussed the cost of a bad hire and the risks of poor interview strategies.

Also, get to know the keys to successful hiring, including the steps of the recruiting process, interview techniques, and how to seamlessly implement processes after the hire to ensure your new employee feels motivated.

ProjectPro has been grateful to bring you the key highlights from the virtual event. It began and ended enthusiastically, delivering great knowledge to attendees of the event. Now enhance your strategies and work efficiently by improving your existing strategies.