Key Highlights from The 2022 Construction Tech Conference

 Construction Tech Conference - Key Highlights

The 2022 Construction Tech Conference is one of the biggest conferences held for construction professionals every year. Construction companies look forward to this event to explore the latest trends and technologies in this sector. 

Last year, the event focused on three key aspects: pre-construction and estimating, project oversight and business intelligence, and smart job sites. 

Moreover, a separate conference was hosted to allow construction experts to explore advanced equipment and robotics. It has been a year now and these topics have converged.

This year's Construction Tech event holistically looked into how technology is influencing the way professionals build—from pre-construction through construction functions, and from the office as well as the field. A lot of aspects were covered in these two days, hence, it proved to be an exciting event.

Let’s look into some of the top industry speakers who added value to the event:

1. Hammad Chaudry, National Director, EllisDon Corporation

He interacted about the common technology buzzwords, which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Like many evolving technologies before it, these two terms carry a lot of promise but also opportunity for misunderstanding. Even though AI and ML technologies are still early in their inception, they are developing quickly in construction and we are left asking how AI will change construction. 

2. Jeff Sample, Industry Evangelist at Join

Jeff interacted with other speakers to shed some light on project costing via value engineering, estimating, and life cycle costing. These aspects play a critical role in quantifying the decisions of what and how to build. 

3. Peter Lasensky, Senior Director, Bentley Systems

Peter discussed how leveraging the emerging technologies with BIM to intelligently forecast and simulate what exactly needs to be done on the project to successfully complete it both in pre-construction and construction phases. 

With the availability of advanced BIM capabilities, reality documentation tools, dynamic and intelligent scheduling and project management solutions, you can not only execute the competition of projects but also what needs to be done to complete it.

4. Erin Khan, National Director of Construction Solutions, Suffolk Construction

Erin discussed how her own construction company implemented standard core technologies alongside cutting-edge innovations to deliver a holistic, people-centered approach to mitigating risks throughout the organization. 

This is because risk management is the core component of the construction industry that drives project planning, execution, outcomes and more. So acing your knowledge on risk management with live instance can help professionals.


ProjectPro had the opportunity to cover the event and bring some deeper insights for our audience. Construction Tech Conference welcomed some renowned speakers to help construction companies and contractors thrive in their business efficiently. 

We hope that this blog will help you make crucial decisions and changes in your current construction project.