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Expert Roundup

Top Construction Technology Trends for 2021 - An Expert Roundup

The technology landscape is changing fast in the construction industry. The question that now arises for construction companies is not if they are going to adopt technology. But, when and which tec...

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osha covid 19 national emphasis

OSHA’s COVID-19 National Emphasis Program: What Does It Mean For Construction Industry?

Even though the present situation of the United States seems to be much controlled, Biden Government seems to be very active with their efforts to prevent further exposure or spread. Especially, af...

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5 Growth Strategies To Expand Your Construction Business While Resisting The COVID Impact

After all the downtime, COVID-19 pandemic has made to the construction industry, every construction firm and the contractor is aiming at plans that can help them grow and expand their business in t...

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Why Preconstruction Meetings Are Obligatory For Quality Construction?

Preconstruction meetings are a critical part of the construction project lifecycle and therefore are done at most construction sites. Designed to be done in individual and collective formats, preco...

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Time & Materials Contract In Construction: A Guide To The Basics

Construction projects always carry some sort of unpredictability. These can be sudden changes in design, disrupted supply chain, or any circumstances like the pandemic or any other natural or man-m...

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