All-In-One Construction Accounting Software

ProjectPro for Construction, Infrastructure, & Engineering ​

The challenges in the ever-expanding construction industry require a centralized solution that can bring insights that can thrive in productivity and enhance revenues.

ProjectPro has simplified managing construction business by offering adequate control by coupling the operations of the field and the office. Whether it is the resource management, material supply, or accounting; ProjectPro integrates all and provides centralized data that can be retrieved anywhere anytime.

ProjectPro is designed for diverse construction industries: ​

  • General Construction, Commercial Construction, Real Estate Developers

General Contractors benefit from both subcontract management and productivity analysis for any self-performed work.  Progress billings with Retention Accounting.  Integrated Word Documents for Change Order Requests, Subcontract Agreements, Lien Release and Certificates of Insurance management.

  • Specialty Construction – Remodeling, Renovations, Marble-Granite Surface Contractors

Specialty Contractors benefit from managing the purchasing of materials for jobs as needed and when needed on the jobsite.  Along with managing labor hours, costs and work units completed for all self-performed tasks.  You may also benefit from some tasks that you subcontract out with subcontract management.

  • Civil Construction – Roads, Bridges, railways, buildings, water reservoirs

Civil construction involves the design / building of infrastructures such as roads, bridges railways, buildings, water reservoirs.  This type of construction will benefit from multiple project layers of master jobs with sub-jobs and change order management. This requires precise management of equipment and labor resources, material, and monitoring the overall progress by work units completed.

  • HVAC Contractor, Plumbing & Electrical Contractors

These types of construction services benefits from managing inventory for use on service jobs as well as new installation contracts.  A powerful inventory warehouse management features built in to a project/job based solution enables user to plan, purchase and deliver the right materials to the technicians and workers at the job sites.  Additional service and job dispatching dashboard keep the right resources scheduled to their respective jobs.

ProjectPro Features and Benefits​:

  • Precise Cost Projections

    Cost Forecasting becomes more precise and quick with Job Forecast Worksheets.

  • Progress Billing

    Billing by percentages and units becomes much easier with tracking each requisition billed along with easy corrections to previous job billing with “New Version” methods.

  • Resource Management

    Ability to create employees, subcontractors, equipment easily with established costs and prices based on default values or specific rates on job by job basis.  You can monitor resource utilization easily by what resources are used or not used on job sites.  Employee can be linked to resources as well for tracking specific employee usage on projects and service jobs.

  • Equipment Management

    Ability to create equipment resources easily with established costs and prices as default values or specific rates on job by job basis.  You can monitor equipment resource utilization.  Equipment may also be setup in the Fixed Assets for managing depreciation and other costs of repairs and insurance for an overall “cost of ownership” value per hour for equipment owned.

  • Inventory and Job Material Monitoring

    Monitor the inventory for necessary on-hand items as well as what items need to be ordered directly for jobs “by-passing” inventory all together.  You will benefit from quick access to both required stock by locations as well as visibility of what items are needed to deliver to jobs.

  • Scheduling

    Seeing a planning dashboard displaying your resources and items across a job view by the hour, day, week, month, or yearly is invaluable to project managers.  There are also ability to view by resources and histogram.

  • Retention Tracking

    Retention management for both customers and vendors by jobs is a standard requirement in the construction industry and must also allow for dealing with various taxation rules that effect when retention values are taxed.

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