Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technology in the Construction Industry

A Guide to the Cloud, Power BI, and Office 365

The ever increasing demand for technology in construction has completely redefined the way operations are held. The technology is not just improving employee productivity, but has streamlined various aspects related to construction project management and sales.

In this whitepaper, we bring you the complete idea of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology in business, especially the Business Central module. Here is what you will be going to read in the whitepaper:

  • The Cloud Advantage Dynamics 365 Business Central Brings in Construction.
  • What makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential for Construction Business?
  • The Detailed Aspects of Microsoft Cloud for Business i.e. Office 365, Dynamics 365 BC, Business Intelligence, & AppSource.
  • Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 Business Central including General, Specific, & Industry Benefits.