COVID-19 & Construction Industry

During these crises all around, we bring you all the details of the impact that COVID-19 is likely to have on the construction industry. Not only this, the whitepaper is an answer to all your fears related to risks and safety solutions which can help you move out of pandemic and sustain your business.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technology in the Construction Industry

With growing competition and increasing demand for technology for construction projects, this whitepaper will lead you to a potential solution based on Dynamics 365 Business Central. This whitepaper contains the necessary information on various aspects of Microsoft cloud as well as a detailed guide on why Dynamics 365 technology is essential for construction?

Buying A Construction Accounting and Management Software – A Complete Guide

Over the years, the construction industry has seen massive growth in GDP. Thanks to the progressive use of technology that has made it easier to work on the idea of project management as well as accounting, ERP, and CRM needs. This whitepaper will help you learn about the right process to purchase a construction management accounting software. To learn more, read the whitepaper.