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Digitalization: The New Normal for the Construction Industry with Danielle Baughman

The construction industry has traditionally been seen as slow to adopt new technology, but recent years have seen significant advancements.

One notable area of progress has been in safety training and accident prevention. With the help of virtual reality and simulation technology, workers can now practice safety procedures in a controlled environment.

This helps to reduce the risk of accidents on the job site and improve overall safety for workers. In addition, sensors and wearable technology can be used to monitor worker safety in real-time, alerting managers to potential hazards or unsafe conditions.

To gain further insight on this topic, we interacted with Danielle Baughman, a chemical engineer and an expert in the construction industry.

Q & A with Danielle Baughman

Who Did We Interview?

Danielle Baughman takes pride in her ability to deliver high-quality work at competitive prices while being conscious of time constraints. With a focus on LEAN construction principles, she optimizes processes and provides recommendations for solutions that consider the full cost, both in terms of time and money.

Her background in leadership, finance, and project management, paired with her ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, enables her to obtain the most efficient EPC solutions for your organization.

With a background in managing complex projects in the oil and gas industry, she has tackled 25 projects in just 3 years including one at an active international airport.

As per her, the secret to her success is listening to the operators and finding the real problem to solve together.

Let Us Quickly Get To Our Expert’s Point Of View.

Question 1: How do you see the construction industry in the year 2023? Do you think this year will be a “digital year” for construction professionals?

As digitalization continues to take over, I do believe it will be a digital year for construction professionals. Years ago, when we did not have the technological advantages we have today, we could not put numbers into employees’ ideas to make business decisions. Now with technology, we can analyze data and utilize field knowledge to make safer, more profitable business decisions.

Question 2: The construction industry has undergone dynamic changes over the years. What do you consider as the biggest challenge for this industry now?

The biggest challenge for the industry is merging old school ways vs technologically advanced ways. I believe when you can utilize both, it makes a project extremely successful.

Technology can be a great thing, but when implemented too quickly, it can cause tasks to take longer, and it is harder to figure out where the issue lies because the QA/QC and experience piece can be overlooked.

Question 3: What potential do you see in the latest construction technology trends? Are they capable of boosting the productivity of construction professionals?

Absolutely. I was part of a team that implemented LEAN principles on repeatable pipeline maintenance jobs. On the first try, we saw a cost reduction of 56% and a schedule reduction of 58%, while keeping the crews engaged and interested, and ensuring all safety and environmental regulations were followed.

I believe we can get into a robotic mode when doing construction projects, and that is when potential fatalities occur. By utilizing LEAN principles, combined with speaking with the construction crews and incorporating their expertise, we were able to crush both cost and schedule projections.

Question 4: Where do you see the construction industry in the next five years? Please share your valuable insights with our readers.

I see the construction industry continuing to evolve and have a more diverse workforce and team approach to solving problems. I also see the construction industry have better cost-tracking systems and data to be able to execute projects safer and more efficiently.

Get to Know Our Influencer

Question 5: In four words or less, what’s your prediction about the transforming construction industry?

Reaching Sustainability Goals.

Question 6: What's your success mantra?

When in doubt, bring yourself back to the present.

More Details

Danielle Baughman’s engineering experience has allowed her to help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency for businesses in the Oil and Gas, Energy, and Commercial Construction industries.

As a small, woman-owned business, she is committed to promoting diversity by hiring other firms that may not have the resources to take on these projects alone.