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Discussion with Saleh Mubarak on the Latest Digital Transformation in the Construction

The construction industry is undergoing a tremendous change after the pandemic. Whether it’s handling labor shortage or on-site data management, technology has taken over everything. But to shed some light on the same, ProjectPro has interviewed industry experts to let our audience understand the actual impact of these technologies.We have interviewed Saleh Mubarak, an independent construction consultant.

influencer insight with saleh mubarak

Who Did We Interview?

Saleh Mubarak is an independent construction consultant with 20+ years of experience assisting construction professionals. He helps with developing effective strategies and loves to mentor construction experts. He ensures that contractors are capable of making viable decisions for their business.

Let Us Quickly Dive into Our Expert’s Point Of View

Question 1: In the age of COVID-19, how do you see the construction industry in the year 2022? Do you think this year will be a “digital year” for construction professionals?

Probably I am on the optimistic side. I believe COVID will never go away but it will be like a regular flu: Most people live with it but those with weak immune system must take their precautions. COVID has messed up our lifestyle, but we also learned many new things, and some of these things will remain with us even without pandemic.

Online communications (meetings, seminars, etc.) made lot of things fast and inexpensive. It may be true in most cases that the effectiveness of online communications may not be at the level of physical (traditional) ones, but the practicality, speed, and cost are all advantages that may overcome this point.

I believe that online communications will remain used vastly even with the availability of traditional (in-person) methods but both methods will go hand-by-hand.

Question 2: The construction industry has undergone dynamic changes over the years. What do you consider as the biggest challenge for this industry now?

I believe the biggest challenge for the construction industry now is the involvement in technology at all levels: In design, materials, equipment, automation, and other.

To be more precise: How can we make use of scientific advances and technology, yet keep personal skills and touch? How can we use science and technology not to replace us, but to enable us to do more and do better? How can humans stay in control of things rather than having things control us?

Question 3: What potential do you see in the latest construction technology trends? Are they capable of boosting the productivity of construction professionals?

There are many advances that boost construction technology, and it is hard to point to a single one as the most promising. We can talk about modularization and 3-D printing, drones, and their multi-use, BIM (building information modeling), AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things), Digital Twin, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and many more. Not to mention advances in building materials.

The trend is in optimizing the entire process, utilizing new technologies, and improving efficiency.

Question 4: Where do you see the construction industry in the next five years? Please share your valuable insights with our readers.

I believe there will be more dependence on new technology such as modularization, 3-D printing, drones, and computer-aided programs. New materials are also making a difference, but we must not underestimate the innovations in design.

For example, after Fazlo Khan came up with his theory for skyscrapers design, people were able to go for more heights with less cost. Nowadays, we are facing a challenge of severe natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes) that require new design and/or new materials. Designing and constructing the house / building that can resist such natural disasters yet within reasonable cost, will be our challenge.

Get to Know Our Influencer

In this series of questions, Saleh Mubarak shares a bit more about himself.

In four words or less, what’s your prediction about the transforming construction industry?

Innovation, collaboration, optimization.

What’s your success mantra?

Always challenge the status quo and challenge your comfort zone. Be “logically crazy”!

More Details

Saleh Mubarak is an experienced structural design engineer who is focused in construction project scheduling and control. He wrote best-selling books for construction professionals to help them thrive in the competitive market.