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Joe Hendry, Construction Recruitment Specialist take on Site Safety & Labor Shortage

A career in construction is fraught with unique challenges that require a new style and approach to recruitment that’s in touch with an increasingly interconnected, sustainability-driven world. Construction technology allows people to pursue truly stimulating and enriching careers.

As technology will continue to change the construction ecosystem, it will ensure continuity but also result in better decision-making. In today’s chapter, we will talk to the Construction Recruitment Specialist, Joe Hendry on how construction technology will help in dealing with unforeseen circumstances, making job sites safer, and attracting a younger workforce while improving productivity and more.

Q&A with Joe Hendry

Who Did We Interview?

Joe Hendry is a Construction Recruitment Specialist with 20 years of industry experience. He helps construction professionals with Career Guidance and Opportunities, allowing people to pursue truly stimulating and enriching careers in construction.

Let Us Quickly Get To Our Expert’s Point Of View.

Question 1: What projects/initiatives are you working on at the moment?

I am currently helping construction professionals with career guidance and opportunities. Moreover, my focus lies in developing partnerships with companies involved in the Built environment to assist with Contract & Permanent Recruitment needs.

Question 2: According to you, what Construction Technology and Management Trends could make maximum impact on the Industry in 2021? How Technology Will Enable Construction Continuity in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence( AI) and machine learning systems are construction technology and management trends that will leave a maximum impact on the Industry in 2021. Not only it will ensure continuity but also result in better decision-making. Construction technologies will continue to improve field operations and construction productivity. It will streamline processes with the help of easy-to-use cloud-based applications. More likely we’ll witness increasing use of virtual platforms to modify or integrate the construction schedule or to check plans and permits in real-time across the construction job.

Question 3: What potential does see in construction technology for leveraging overall business productivity with construction projects, especially when we talk about recovery and growth after the pandemic?

For the next normal, businesses that will continue to leverage construction technology for overall business productivity will thrive. This year should be no different as we continue to see the rise in COVID-19 infections and the construction industry is dealing with more or less the same set of challenges. With the help of construction technology, some of the unforeseen problems are surmountable. As we continue on the road to recovery and growth, the use of smartphones and other mobile devices will provide field control and improve efficiencies and help in controlling costs.

Question 4: Do you believe COVID-19 has turned to be the Catalyst for Digital Adoption? Do you think the trend will sustain once the pandemic ends?

The pandemic has only advanced the cause of construction technology adoption and has set the wheels in the motion. So it has been a catalyst for digital adoption. However, technology is the future not just to deal with pandemics but for making job sites safer, attracting a younger workforce, and improving productivity. Therefore, this trend is here to last and will sustain as we’ll embrace the next normal.

More Details

Joe Hendry helps construction professionals with Career Guidance and Opportunities. With a career spanning two decades, he is a Director at recruitment agency that helps construction professionals to pursue truly stimulating and enriching careers in construction.