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Perk Up Your Electrical Project Effectiveness and Workflow with ProjectPro

When you need to manage all the costs and resources associated with electrical projects in construction, we bring you essential dexterity.

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 Electrical Project Effectiveness and Workflow

Get Rid Of Unwanted Obstacles When You Need To Manage Electricals For Multiple Construction Projects

Resource Management

When you are struggling with a shortage of finance, labor, or material, we help you to keep thing organized while making the most with what is available.
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Project Synchronization

Always stay aligned with the distinctive needs of different clients by keeping everything in sync with our software for electrical contractors.
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Estimates & Profits

Get the most robust accounting support for precise estimates followed by timely goalcompletion with greater profit margins.
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Bring Excellence To Your Business With Greater Accuracy and Improved Management

At ProjectPro, We are focused to help our clients meet their time defined goals with our project management and accounting software.

Make It More Predictable

Get greater access for your field and office teams to keep track of project data for added performance and compliance.

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Transparency Is The Key

Avoid unwanted nuisance made with error reports. Make it more transparent for clients and employees with consistent communication and updates on ProjectPro.

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Accounting, ERP, CRM, and Project Management

Explore all the essential tools and support that you need to manage projects. From estimates to job planning or inventory tracking to billings, do it all effortlessly.

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Electrical Contractors FAQ’s

ProjectPro is designed to meet the unique needs of electrical contractors in the construction industry. ProjectPro can be used to work on project management goals through effective resource planning while keeping a check over accounting and resources. All in all, it can help electrical contractors have 360-degree check and control on business.

Over the years, ProjectPro has gained its reputation and reliability with its integrated workflow environment that makes collaboration easier and adds to the decision making when it comes to Project Management. It allows complete control on tasks related to budgeting, procurement, inventory, subcontracts, contracts, finances, along with real-time reporting on profit margin.

ProjectPro as a construction accounting and project management software provides essential features that are necessary for business productivity. Some of these could be mentioned as budgeting, contract management, procurement, resource planning, equipment management, payroll, financial accounting, change order management, and more.

Over the years, we have managed to maintain our reputation only because of our customer service and consistent support. When we help you get a solution for your electrical construction business needs, we make sure it adds to your business benefit. We have a team of experts who are available 24/7 to help our clients in need, whether it is related to training, software modules, or any system related queries.

Need help steering your projects for performance improvements with added accountability? Give a boost to your project pipeline and thrive your revenue goals with our software for electrical contractors

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