Vermont: The Official Stance for Construction

Construction Status: Essential

Vermont had released a statewide stay at home order effective until May 15, 2020. Though construction is deemed necessary, only construction in response to COVID-19, critical infrastructure, utilities, and telecommunication is permitted.

On June 15, 2020, Governor Phil Scott announced an extension to state of emergency while continuing reopening of the state under his newly signed executive orders.

October 2020 Update: Initially, the state of Vermont have declared construction as a restricted activity but now the state has opened the public road construction projects removing the restrictions. However, it is necessary for contractors to stick with job site rules and protocols by OSHA to avoid any spread of the disease. Also the use of face mask is not essential when a person is indulged in an activity an maintains a distance of 6 feet.

Governing Body:The Office Of Governor Phil Scott

FAQs: Vermont Construction Updates on the COVID-19 Pandemic

To revive the economic status in the state, Governor Phil Scott issued Phase 1 of an order in which it specifically mentioned that construction could resume as per the Work Smart Stay Safe Phase 1 rules. These rules restricted the workforce at the site while sticking with safety and health guidelines.

However, construction is still restricted to the COVID-19 response while suspending any in-person operations. Examples include, housing repairs, fixing of heating system, plumbing, safety, and sanitation is permitted.
Hardware stores are deemed essential but the state government had encouraged the use of online booking and delivery sources to keep up with the sales and safety.
Yes, the Department of Public Safety, Vermont Emergency Management has released multiple guidelines for workplace safety and health of workers. Under this, the authorities have announced that construction workers and employers should stick to the guidelines of OSHA and CDC to stay protected during the times of emergency.
Though construction is deemed essential, the Vermont Emergency Department has released several guidelines related to worker protection and site safety. These guidelines include guidance for businesses and employers along with all the essential health updates and information resources that can help to protect against COVID-19.

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